Volume 3, Disember 2010

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1. Essential Quality Attributes in Fresh Produce Purchase by Malaysian Consumers 

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Author(s): Siti Rahayu Hussin, Wong Foong Yee, and Jamil Bojei
Keywords: Purchasing behaviour, fresh produce, product attributes, Malaysia

Abstract: Product attribute is one of the most important criteria in consumers' purchase decision making. This study examines consumers' perceptions on the essential quality attributes of fresh produce. For this purpose, 1,562 usable responses were analysed. Findings show that quality product attributes such as absence of defect, absence of blemishes, ripeness, freshness, absence of pesticides, absence of preservatives, nutritional value and cleanliness are consistently rated as important for both fruits and vegetables.

2. Malaysian Consumer Knowledge and Preferred Information Sources in Selecting Functional Foods 

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Author(s): Siti Hasnah Hassan, and Yanti Ameira Mustapha
Keywords: Functional food, personal information sources, impersonal information sources, knowledge, Malaysia

Abstract: The functional food market is rapidly expanding, with manufacturers promoting the perceived health benefits of food products to specific consumer groups. Therefore, this study seeks to understand whether consumers have adequate knowledge when choosing functional foods in Malaysian food and if there is a significant difference in knowledge concerning functional foods among the Malays, Chinese and Indians. This study also explores the information sources that consumers use in developing their knowledge and choosing different types of functional food. Data was collected from 600 Malaysian consumers through a self-administered survey. Analysis of Variance and confirmatory factor analysis using Structural Equation Modelling were conducted to test two propositions of this study. The results obtained indicate that consumers have adequate knowledge of functional food; that there is a significant difference in the level of knowledge concerning functional foods among the Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups. The study also identified the communication channels – personal (family, relative, experience and friends) and impersonal (mass media, salesperson, packaging, and the Internet) sources that can be used by food practitioners, government agencies and food marketers to communicate the accurate health benefits of functional food. Proper dissemination of accurate health promotional information will increase the consumption of functional foods in Malaysia's multi cultural society.

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