Special Edition, October 2010

6. Export Competitiveness of the Malaysian Processed Food in the Middle East Market

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Author (s): Jinap Selamat, Siti Fatimah Misran, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Jamil Bojei, and Rosli Salleh
Keywords: Processed food, competitiveness, constant market share, general electric model

Abstract: This study intends to determine the competitiveness of the Malaysian processed food in the Middle East market using Constant Market Share (CMS) and Business Portfolio Analysis. The results from the CMS analysis revealed that the gain in export for beverages, cookies and bakeries, and sauces and seasonings have been due to the competitive effect. For chocolates, the gain in exports was due to the market size effects. From the business portfolio analysis using the General Electric (GE) Model, chocolates, beverages, and cookies and bakeries should protect the position and concentrate on maintaining the strength of the products. In terms of marketing strategy, the producers should consider marketing approach of choosing, providing, and communicating the value in order to improve the competitiveness of the processed food products.

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