Volume 7, December 2015

3. Bahulu attraction - what is expected of bahuluas a tourism product?

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Author(s): Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
Keywords: Bahulu,traditional food, value-added product, marketing attraction, tourist consumer's consumption experience, Malaysia

Abstract: Urban lifestyles have contributed to consumers' need for convenient and nutritious food products. This study is aimed at determining the cost implications of pineapple juice production using ultraviolet (UV) as an alternative (non-thermal technology) to the conventional pasteurisation methods used in small-medium scale juice facilities in Malaysia. The financial analysis involved Contribution Margin, Net Present Value, Payback Period, and Profitability Index of the UV and heat treated pineapple juices. Ultraviolet pasteurisation has relatively lower initial capital development cost than heat pasteurisation. Thus, implementation of UV technology can be more profitable than heat treatment when applied in a small-medium scale pineapple juice processing plant.

4. Consumers' perception and acceptance of fresh agriculture product purchased through e-business

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Author (s): Suhana Safari, Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek
Keywords: e-business, e-commerce, fresh agriculture product, perception, acceptance, consumption, satisfaction, preference

Abstract: Agriculture e-business can be viewed as trading models of buying and selling of agriculture produce through electronic means.  e-Business has the potential to reduce transaction costs, improve market access, and information content of products. Generally, e-business is easy to use,  and  a  cost-efficient  system  for  consumers  and  firms.  Malaysia can be considered to be at an early stage of development in online shopping, specifically in agriculture produce. Limited study has been undertaken  in  understanding  consumers'  behaviour  and  perception towards online shopping. Thus, this study was carried out to examine consumer  perception  and  acceptance  of  e-business  for  agriculture produce in Malaysia. Results from the analysis found that most buyers are adult female users aged between 20 and 49 years, with a monthly income of RM1,001 to RM3,000. This group is more open to the idea of  shopping  for  fresh  produce  online,  and  are  more  IT  savvy.  Most Malaysian users prefer to use online banking services rather than debit and  credit  cards.  Meat  and  meat  preparation,  vegetables,  and  eggs are the top-most products consumed by internet users. The minimum amount  spent  is  RM  50  and  the  maximum  amount  spent  is  RM500 per  transaction.  Bearing  in  mind  that  fresh  agriculture  produce  is easily perishable and has a short shelf life, reliable transportation and logistics services are needed. The study also revealed that there is no significant relationship between female and male users in the level of satisfaction. It indicates that both users have an equal perception of all aspects of satisfaction. Furthermore, the study also shows a significant difference  in  gender  preference  whereby  females  prefer  to  purchase online when compared with their male counterparts. Overall, online shopping has the potential of becoming an alternative shopping channel in the future. Indirectly, it may also change Malaysian shopping trend from the conventional system to online retailing system.

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