JABM Volume 9, Issue 1, (2022)

1. Agribusiness Marketing, its Challenges and Current Trends

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Author(s): Shahiida Binti Musa, Mohd Firdaus Bin Ab Aziz

2. Can Banana be a Success Story for Malaysia?

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Author(s): Boon Chin Tan
Keywords: Agriculture, Agrofood, Banana, Fruits, Market

3. Controlled Fresh Market (CFM): A case of rebranding Farmers' Market with Government Intervention during Covid-19 in Malaysia

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Author(s): Abd Razzif Abd Razak, Muhammad Izzuddin Mat Sani, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Adnan, Ina Kartini Md. Salleh
Keywords: Farmers' Market, Covid-19, Entrepreneurship, Resilience, Government

4. Factors Influencing the Behavioral Intention for Smart Farming in Sarawak, Malaysia

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Author(s): Gabriel Wee Wei En, Agnes Lim Siang Siew
Keywords: Smart Farming, Technology Adoption, UTAUT

5. Key Success Factors, Marketing Opportunities and Challenges A Case Study of Bonco Virgin Coconut Oil

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Author(s): Ing@Grace Phang, Jennifer Kim Lian Chan, Tze-Yin Lim, Mia Bella R.Fresnido
Keywords: Virgin Coconut Oil, Marketing Strategies, Qualitative Research, Opportunities, Challenges


6. The Development of Indicators for Social Enterprise Business Model in Melitourism

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Author(s): Hanilyn A. Hidalgo, Mia Bella R. Fresnido, Amelia R. Nicolas, Presbel B. Presto
Keywords: Stingless Bees, Entrepreneurship, Farm Tourism, Meliponiculture


7. Towards Developing a Marketing Model for Strategic Positioning of Stingless Bee Honey Farming as a Sustainable Income for the Rural Community

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Author(s): Salina Kassim, Siti Rahayu Hussin
Keywords: Marketing Model, Strategic Positioning, Stingless Bee, Sustainable Income, Rural Community