JABM Volume 8, Issue 1, (2017)

1. Editorial Paper

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2. Replicating Small Farms, Prosperous Farmers In India: Lessons For Policy And Practice

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Author(s): Sukhpal Singh
Keywords: Small farmers, India, viability, high value crops, inclusive agriculture, Asia, size of farm

3. Marketing Margins And Marketing Efficiency For Fruits In Malaysia

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Author(s): Bisant Kaur, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Adnan, Faidz Afizi, Mohamed Mohd Riduwan Mohd Hussin, Mohd Mukhriz Mohd Moktar
Keywords: Marketing efficiency, fruit marketing, fruit industry, farmer returns, food security, marketing margins, agricultural marketing

4. Identifying The Nature, Issues And Challenges Of Women Entrepreneurs In Agriculture: A Mixed Methods Approach

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Author(s): Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek
Keywords: Women, rural, entrepreneurship, factor analysis, mixed methods

5. Resource Use Efficiency On Cassava Production In Abia State, Nigeria: Implication For Agri-Food Marketing

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Author(s): Oteh, Ogbonnaya Ukeh
Keywords: Cassava, efficiency, food security, marketing, resource use


6. Marketing Margins And Market Efficiency For Vegetables In Malaysia

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Author(s): Bisant Kaur
Keywords: Marketing margins, food marketing, food security, market efficiency, agricultural marketing