Volume 3, Disember 2010

3. Consumer Preference for Goat Meat in Malaysia: Market Opportunities and Potential

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Author(s): Bisant Kaur
Keywords: Goat meat, consumer preference, livestock

Abstract: Goat meat is somewhat unpopular among the general population of Malaysia and its per capita consumption has remained stagnant while consumption of other animal proteins has been increasing in line with growing affluence and urbanisation. This paper examines the consumer preference for goat meat through an exploratory study on consumers and food service establishments. The general objective of this study was to ascertain the market potential for the goat meat industry. The study found that while goat/sheep meat was consumed by over 72% of the respondents, the per capita consumption was very low, indicating that there is a lot of upside potential. However, in view of production constraints and the dependence on imported goat/sheep meat to meet domestic requirements, there is a need for caution on encouraging increased consumption which may lead to higher imports. Policy makers should re-examine current livestock policies and focus on meat segments which clearly have market potential domestically and internationally.

4. Malaysian Tropical Fruits Export:Expectations of European Importers and Distributors

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Author(s) :Siohong Tih, and Mohd Fauzi Mohd Jani
Keywords: Tropical fruits, international distribution, importers, retailers

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the expectations of European importers and distributors, namely large scale importers, importers/wholesalers and large scale retailers in identifying the potential of Malaysian tropical fruits export. he European market is the focus of this study because it is recorded that European Union is one of the top importing nations of tropical fruits. An industry study which included 11 large scale importers, 35 importers/wholesalers and 12 large scale retailers was conducted to understand the expectations of these foreign tropical fruits importers and distributors. This includes integrating previous research findings related to fruit and vegetable studies in the European market to have an in-depth understanding of the supply chain of fruits market in European countries. Unlike branded consumer products that use pull strategy, tropical fruits export depends on push strategy, and the key channel members in distributing tropical fruits are large scale importer, importers/wholesalers and large scale retailers. These channel members might deal directly or indirectly with Malaysian tropical fruits exporters. Thus, it is critical to understand the distribution structures and expectations of these key channel members. This paper focuses on elaboration of the key players (large scale importers, importers/wholesalers and large scale retailers) in international distribution network of tropical fruits in European market, in particular the Netherlands market which serves as a gateway for tropical fruit distribution. Findings from this study also serve as useful guidelines for tropical fruits producers and exporters who aim at penetrating European markets.

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