JABM Volume 2, Issue 1, (2009)

1. An Overview of the Supply Chain Management of Malaysian Vegetable and Fruit Industries Focussing on the Channel of Distribution

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Author(s): Norsida Man, Nolila Mohd.Nawi, and Mohd.Mansor Ismail
Keywords: Fresh fruit and vegetables, supply chain management, channel of distribution

2. Evaluating the Perception on Objective Quality of Bahulu between Local Micro Food Producers and Consumers in Penang

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Author(s): Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, and Hamdia Mudor
Keywords: Objective quality, sensory dimension, functional dimension, symbolic dimension, bahulu, consumers

3. Post Harvest Handling Practices on Selected Local Fruits and Vegetables at Different Levels of the Distribution Chain

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Author(s): Azizah Osman, Nazamid Saari, Rosli Saleh, Jamilah Bakar, Noor Diana Zainal, and Masturina Yacob
Keywords: Post harvest handling practices, post harvest losses, distribution chains, fruits and vegetables

4. Demand for Vegetables in Malaysia

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Author(s): Tey Yeong Sheng, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Alias Radam, Zainalabidin Mohamed, Jinap Selamat, and Abdul Ghariff Ramin
Keywords: Vegetable, multi-stage demand system, demand elasticity