Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) Rural Transformation Centre (RTC)


Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) is a site to implement  integrated initiatives, which has been  introduced by the government under the National Blue Ocean Strategy 4 (NBOS4). These initiatives will be executed in RTC and within the 100km radius of RTC. Under the RTC implementation programmes, there is  a total of eight identified initiatives, which are:

Initiative 1 - Training of Rural Population
Initiative 2 - Setting up of 1Malaysia Information Kiosks
Initiative 3 - High-Value Agriculture
Initiative 4 - Agro-Food Products Processing
Initiative 5 - Agricultural Produce Supply Chain Management
Initiative 6 - University Cooperation
Initiative 7 - Food Safety and Pharmaceuticals Services
Initiative 8 - Rural Population Financial Facilities

The implementation of the eight initiatives is led by various Ministries as well as the cooperation and support from other relevant Ministries. For instance, in the execution of the Initiative 4, the processing of agro-food products, the operators are supported in the development of their products through branding, labeling, packaging and certification with the help of various agencies, including the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), MARDI and Department of Health.

Initiative 1 :Skills Training

KKLW helps the rural population by providing on-going training opportunities to rural communities in the RTC centres  and surrounding areas aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skills and ability to raise revenue, job opportunities and living standards.

Among the trainings offered are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Motivation
  • Packaging and Branding
  • Product Performance
  • Animal FeedManagement
  • Tertigation techniques
  • Air Conditioner Repair Skills
  • Welding Skills

Initiative 2: 1Malaysia Information Kiosks

1Malaysia Information kiosks is one-stop information centres that combine information and services offered by various ministries / agencies. There are five information kiosks located in the RTC and offers a variety of services for example :

KKLW Kiosk – Provides InfoDesa information and agencies mailing system.

Malaysia Kiosk Jobs - Offering employment opportunities and workers’ recruitment.

Agri-Food Business Development Center Kiosk- Allow people to get information on the community development of agro-food business.

KPDNKKKiosk- Users can talk via an interactive forum regarding consumerism issues. For example, the Price watch current price forum and users’ SMS application service.

MyEGKiosk - Get a range of information of public agencies.

Theme 3 : High- Value Agriculture

There are three on-going and planned high-value agriculture major projects, that are:

  • Premium Vegetable Production at Lojing Food Production Permanent Park (TKPM)
  • A variety of vegetables produced in high demand, such as tomato and capsicum.
  • Safety and Quality Dairy Production Project
  • Dairy Industry Service Centre (PPIT) is organized to assist small-scale dairy farmers to market raw milk. PPIT provides technical advice and carry out tests on the content and quality of the milk. PPIT will purchase and market raw milk to processing plants / own process to produce pasteurizes milk, flavored pasteurized milk, yoghurt, buttermilk and ice cream.
  • Arowana Breeding Project
  • Arowana breeding project is a high-value industry and has a huge potential. Looking at the current market, these activities can be carried out and bring in high returns.

Theme 4 : Agro Food Products Processing

Initiatives 4 aims at developing food processing entrepreneurs in the field that emphasizes on the development and improvement in product quality for domestic and global markets. Attention is placed on value-added activities and towards the national agro-based industry development that is integrated into improving of income of the farming community. Among the products attention on agro-food processing in Perak are:

  • Traditional Cakes (e.g Putu Perak)
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Salted Eggs
  • Sample / Juice
  • Sauce
  • Chips (Tuber / Banana)
  • Frozen Food
  • Herbs

Theme 5 : Agro Food Products Processing

Food product supply chain management:

  • is re- rationalizing the marketing concept through the management of supply chain from farm to consumer.
  • involves planning, implementation and operational control in the supply chain efficiently and effectively.
  • includes movement and storage of raw materials, inventory and end-products from the point of production to consumption.

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